Hannah Rarity & Luc McNally | Live Music Now Scotland

In the second of our visits to Live Music Now: Free Fringe Music, singer Hannah Rarity and guitarist Luc McNally performed a varied selection of traditional songs and tunes. During the more upbeat songs the large audience needed very little encouragement to sing along, as they did enthusiastically with the chorus of Tae the Beggin’… Continue reading Hannah Rarity & Luc McNally | Live Music Now Scotland

Ainsley Hamill & Alistair Paterson | Live Music Now Scotland

Live Music Now is a musical outreach charity set up by Yehudi Menuhin after he saw first-hand the ‘uplifting and transformative effect that music can have’. The Scottish branch, directed by Carol Main, allows talented emerging artists to give hundreds of performances all over the country to a wide range of audiences who wouldn’t normally… Continue reading Ainsley Hamill & Alistair Paterson | Live Music Now Scotland

The Maconchy Quartet

On their namesake and the representation of women in classical music. The Maconchy Quartet is a string quartet with an agenda: to promote the music of Elizabeth Maconchy and integrate her back into the canon of celebrated British composers. Their first violinist, Maren Bosma, is also currently setting up her own festival aimed at furthering… Continue reading The Maconchy Quartet

Kevin Cahill

On his upcoming debut album, 'Future Relics'. Kevin Cahill has a lot to say. Not only while we chat in a busy Hackney coffee shop about his upcoming debut album – but musically too. A classically trained guitarist from Airdrie in Scotland, his music taste is varied and far reaching, including everything from rock to… Continue reading Kevin Cahill


On their sound, and why they won't put a label on it. The cultural melting pot of Manchester city centre is where Kabantu, meaning ‘of the people’, were first formed. They may have only been playing together for a few years but they are no strangers to success. Winners of the prestigious Royal Over-Seas League… Continue reading Kabantu